SPP 161: CBT in Schools

SPP 161: CBT in Schools

Join #psychedpodcast as we speak with Dr. Christner on CBT!



Dr. Christner founded Cognitive Health Solutions, LLC in 2009, following years of part-time private practice. He provides a variety of services to patients at Cognitive Health Solutions, LLC, including psychological testing, psychotherapy, and consultation. Dr. Christner is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Christner is recognized on a state, national, and international level, as he has published and presented on a number of topics including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), school-based mental health, and neurocognitive-oriented psychological assessment. He has published numerous books in the field of psychology and education, including Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom: An Action Plan for Identification, Evaluation, and Intervention (2011; with Drs. Jessica Bolton and Jacqlyn Zarraba), Building Professional Competencies in School Psychology (2010; with Drs. Timothy Lionetti and Edward Snyder), Guide to Early Psychological Assessment with Children and Adolescents (2010; with Dr. Arthur Freeman, Mr. Corey Nigro, and Mr. Taymoor Sadar), Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Educational Settings: A Handbook for Practice (2006; with Drs. Rosemary Mennuti and Arthur Freeman), Handbook of Cognitive-Behavior Group Therapy with Children and Adolescents: Specific Settings and Presenting Problems ( 2007; with Drs. Jessica L. Stewart and Arthur Freeman), and School-Based Mental Health: A Practitioner’s Guide to Comparative Practices (2009; with Dr. Rosemary Mennuti). Dr. Christner is also the series coeditor School-Based Practice in Action book series, which is published by Routledge Publishing.

Dr. Christner has been acknowledged for his professional and clinical work. In 2003, Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12 (LIU) presented him with the “LIU School Psychologist of the Year Award.” In March 2005, the Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania (ASPP) acknowledged Dr. Christner for his work in school psychology by naming him “Pennsylvania School Psychologist of the Year.”


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